Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture


Wow! There’s a slew of huge bands on this soundtrack. Let’s get started.

As much as I think Slipknot is totally corny and cheesy — what with their idiotic suits — I have to admit, they are a pretty good band. Their track here, “My Plague,” is really great. It rocks, 100%, and the vocals being half-barked, half-sung really works. Go figure.

The Marilyn Manson song here, “The Right Song,” is another bonafide rocker. However, I can’t stand Mr. Manson’s voice, and it totally ruins this song.

Coal Chamber is on here, and they offer up some stupid rap/ rock, Godsmack sounding turd. The Crystal Method song on here is a stupid dance music; totally generic. Some band called Adema have a really cool song on here called “Everyone.” The guitars are totally bonecrushing and tough. Sadly, the singer’s vocals, like most bands of the “nu-metal” genre, are totally wussy and dumb.

The next noteworthy track, strangely enough, is by the very silly looking Static-X (you should see their costumes!). Holy crap-oly, “Anything But This” is an incredibly powerful metal stomper. I though that Static-X was just some corny alterna-metal band, but these guys are full-fledged metal. Their track is, far and away, the best song on the soundtrack.

Rammstein and Fear Factory have songs on this soundtrack, and both are totally plain and boring, non-threatening pieces of crap. Depeche Mode offers up “Dirt,” but it’s totally disappointing. I can’t decide if I actually like or dislike the track by Ill Nino; it’s pretty rockin’. Mudvayne, Method Man, and Saliva all offer up very forgettable and yawn inducing songs. The album’s last song, by Five Pointe O, is a very cool homage to metal of yesteryear, with vocals that sound like Queensryche.

You know, for the money you’d have to spend to get this, I’d say it’s worth it. Let’s face facts: there’s a ton of established artists on here, and it’s kind of rare to find this many big bands in one place. Recommended.

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