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Canyon Creep play low-end sludge rock, with guitars tuned super low, played through weird phaser pedals. My immediate comparison would be a heavier version of Monster Magnet, mainly because Canyon Creep’s singer has some real identity issues, as far as his infatuation with said M.M. singer goes.

I think a band like Canyon Creep could be used in a term paper to support a thesis that many bands could be thousands of times better if they would drop their singers and become instrumental. Canyon Creep, as a band, sans singer, are a really rockin’ group! They plug away at some truly heavy and bone-crushing riffs. I could do without some of the guitar solos on Hijack The World, but the record is really good when the singer isn’t present.

If you have the ability to forgive an embarrassingly poor singer and enjoy ’70s-style sludge rock, then you might enjoy this. If you are just a casual observer browsing the reviews, go ahead and skip this one; there’s a lot better stuff out there in this genre.

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