David Crowder Band

David Crowder Band

Can You Hear Us?


The David Crowder Band play alternative pop music, kind of like a cross between Gin Blossoms, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Cher (Cher’s dance beats on her most recent hits). It’s kind of hard to critique this CD, because this appears to be a very well done CD for this genre.

Many of the songs here, such as “Our Love is Loud” and “Wonderful King,” are so blatantly warm and welcoming that I feel good about myself when listening to them; well, not really, but they sound like they belong in the background of Dawson’s Creek, which is a good thing (I love Dawson’s Creek!). If you ever watch Smallville, but these songs would fit very well in the background of that show, as well.

A funny yet accurate comparison between the lead singer of this band and Neil Diamond should be noted as well. But I tell you, both of those guys have great voices!

Overall, there’s nothing really bad to say about this album. Non-Christians might want to steer clear, though, because this record is chock full of praise. If you’re not an extremely anti-religion person, then you should have few problems enjoying this very safe slab of alternative pop.

Sparrow Records: http://www.sparrowrecords.com

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