Rubyhorse are the new Irish hope — although settled in Boston — and aim for world dominance by way of crossing Creed=EDs rather tiresome vocals with U2’s fairly more engaging guitar jangle. Probably a combination of forces that should set the charts on fire, if not necessarily guarantee artistic success.

Kicking off with “Happy in the Sunshine” and first single “Sparkle,” Rubyhorse are rather summery and likeable, although it’s nothing to go all raving mad about. Sort of like a better Train, but that doesn’t take too much. “Evergreen” is their best one, and the one where they sound the most like U2, while “Any Day Now” is an almost unbelievably dull and generic ballad. A bit here and there, then.

Sharing more than the passing nod with the recent wave of post-Radiohead British guitar bands, Rubyhorse are more American in approach and should have a fair chance of breaking the US markets. Prepare to hum along to songs you don’t really like.

Island Records:

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