Thirty Two Frames

Thirty Two Frames

Thirty Two Frames


Oh baby! There’s some serious rockin’ goin’ on ’round the Thirty Two Frames camp. This band features the hugely talented Elliot guitarist Jay Palumbo, yet he doesn’t really strut his stuff in Thirty Two Frames, mainly because they aren’t anything like Elliot. Thirty Two Frames rocks in a manner similar to early Jawbreaker and Embrace, with the vocal cadence of Florida’s Hot Water Music.

The majority of the songs here are mid-tempo rockers, but on “Chippewa,” things are sped up and things get a little bit nutty. The style of this band really comes out on this track, which reeks of the early ’90’s emo scene. It’s incredibly well done, but it’s just funny to think that it was recorded within the last year.

At times, the lead singer sounds a lot like Ian Mackaye, which is a really good thing; I’m not talking Mackaye’s more subdued stuff, but his more fevered style of singing (see “Saints Stolen” here… it’s eerie). I think this is the album’s best piece, and it makes me want to raise a fist in triumph.

This is a really great album (actually, it’s an EP, consisting of less than 20 minutes of music, in six tracks) that is well worth the low price tag. If you like punk rock because it kicks you butt in many ways, shapes, and forms, then get your grubby paws on this one. If you like punk rock because it provides you with an identity and a clique to hang with and talk about the latest Saves The Day album, then steer clear of Thirty Two Frames, because you don’t deserve to hear it, so there!

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