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Man, I’ll tell you, that Dexter from Offspring is a genius! His Nitro label has been nothing but a huge success; I thought it would be nothing more than a thing to put out his friends’ bands when he started it, many years ago, but look at it now! It’s huge! Geez!

Yeah, so Divit has released Broadcaster on the hugely successful Nitro label, and this album is very well done melodic emocore, in the vein of Samiam. Vocal harmonies prevail throughout, as does the very cadence like rhythm of pretty much everything that Samiam has done. The lead singer of Divit, Mick Leonardy, has a really cool, J. Robbins-esque (of Jawbox / Burning Airlines) voice. His voice is warm and inviting, yet aggressive and emotional.

This brings up another comparison, Divit to Burning Airlines. “No Regrets,” the album’s second track, sounds like it could have been stolen from Burning Airlines’ studio. It’s an awesome rocker that should be on commercial radio, because even the mindless sheep who like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park would have to admit that Divit rocks!

On “William,” the band greats into a really cool, longing slide guitar line, only to jump into a full on rocker with fantastically sung vocal harmonies. Wow! This album is absolutely fantastic!

It would be hard to go wrong in buying Broadcaster; the songs are rocking, they avoid the current schtick of emo bands turning into The Beatles (see Get Up Kids’ On A Wire), and Divit just wants to kick booty, while appealing to your emotional sensibilities! What a really wonderfully nostalgic album. Divit take it back to ‘93 with authority and passion! Thanks guys, this album is wonderful!

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