Tin Hat Trio

Tin Hat Trio

The Rodeo Eroded


Tin Hat Trio are sort of the Sonic Youth of the folk/country world; they tinker and experiment with their genre, often falling flat on their faces, yet other times creating incredible soundscapes of triumph. Most of The Rodeo Eroded can be considered cause for celebration.

The opening track, “Bill,” is an instrumental number that wanders across grassy plains in a midsummer’s afternoon, enjoying the day without a care in the world. “Fear of the South” is a curious little number, featuring a violin in the forefront, and Spanish picked and strummed guitars. Even more bizarre is the accordion solo which, had any other group of musicians attempted it, would have been laughable; the thing is, it sounds perfect here! “Holiday Joel” gets the weirdness ball rolling, the song featuring a repetitive melodic/spooky line of notes, reminiscent of Rasputina. It is on this song that the listener gets his/her first inkling that Tin Hat Trio is not just another folk band, but that the band is truly pushing the envelope of their genre, as well as the envelope of genre defining characteristics!

One of the album’s finest moments comes when the fantastic Willie Nelson himself sings on the deliciously melancholy “Willow Weep for Me.” His voice is as strong and inviting as ever, and the song is quite simply gorgeous!

Tin Hat Trio, for the most part, is safe enough for casual fans of music to listen to without saying “this is weird.” The Rodeo Eroded does have its strange moments, but overall, it’s just a laid back slab of folk tunes, crafted masterfully by people who obviously love music with all of their hearts. This is a really unique and equally well done album.

Ropeadope Records: http://www.ropeadope.com

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