A Parade of Chaos

Solid State

Christian hardcore act Zao have been moving from a straightforward metal core attack towards a more complex and diverse approach in parallel with their lyrical shift from “standard” preaching to more intriguing lyrics of personal insecurities and shortcomings. One of the leading metalcore acts on the scene today, Zao’s sound can be described as something of a cross between Unbroken, Neurosis, Burnt By the Sun and Sick of It All, meaning if nothing else that this is uncompromising, brutal and passionate music with an edge. Daniel Weyandt’s death-inspired vocals are nothing short of amazing and insanely aggressive, while songwriter Jesse Smith — the only constant member since the band’s 1996 beginnings — continue to stretch the boundaries of metal drumming. An insanely diverse collection of tracks and styles — although everything is rendered in a heavier-than-thou manner — some fans may argue that Zao have strayed from their hardcore roots. But their willingness to open up to new musical inspirations is precisely what makes this album so impressive and why Zao is such a great and influential band.

Solid State Records:

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