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Aaron Spiro



Aaron Spiro is a Christian singer who takes equal cues from Dave Matthews, Sting, and Coldplay. His music is very “big” feeling and has a certain grandiose quality to it. At times, on “The Weight is Gone” for example, it sounds as if Morrissey’s current band is playing behind Spiro’s voice. It’s weird.

Aaron’s voice is very much like a soft velvet shirt that has a few scratchy spots on the inside. He has a way of phrasing his words that recall visions of Dave Matthews, and at times, he sounds exactly like him! The structure of the songs on Sing follows patterns that I have seen exemplified by Coldplay, especially on the big record that they released (the one with all of the hits). On “Sing,” the band and Aaron remind me of earlier solo Sting stuff. The song “Thrill” starts with a 100% U2 rip off guitar line, but it sounds good, so who cares? The rest of the song wanders around this guitar lick, which actually makes for a really good song. I could see it getting significant airplay on college radio stations, if released as a single. The rest of the songs have varied styles, ranging from Oasis-esque rockers to soft love songs.

Sing is a really strong album and I highly recommend it. There’s nothing wrong with having a soft spot for adult contemporary/alternative rock — and I do, believe me, I do. Most fans of Christian rock will thoroughly enjoy this.

Sparrow Records: http://www.sparrowrecords.com

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