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Anthemic Pop Wonder

Rapid Pop Thrills


While trying to recreate the ’80s indie punk of Hüsker Dü and The Replacements on a four-track at home, Anthemic Pop Wonder – mainly Dfactor, a.k.a. Dave Murrow – somehow ends up sounding like a less expansive version of his almost-namesake Kleenex Girl Wonder or even sub-standard David Bowie. The super-low production value is surely down to the necessity of overtracking, but it somehow adds to the music’s aesthetic as well, part charming and part annoying. Standout moments include “Here’s My #1,” “The Masterplan” and “Mighty Season Comin’,” the latter splendidly capturing the feel of early Pretenders. However, the truly great tracks on here are buried closer to the end, with the darkly jagged, angular title track, a splendid “Do We Dare?” and the fine closing track “Free From Fear.” A somewhat unrealized album, this, but still not without its charming moments. Holds the promise of better things to come.

Anthemic Pop Wonder:

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