Close Cover Before Striking


I suppose this seven-song, 30-minute release is a “teaser” between official studio albums for Luna, but nothing about it feels less than stellar. The sounds are lush, the playing somehow both spirited and low-key, and the traditional Luna quirks are well in place, such as a warm and respectful cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Waiting on a Friend,” as well as the opening lyrics to “Teenage Lightning”: “I’ve got pills that make me cranky/I got pills that make me cry/I have crooked information/Tiny nightmares in the sky.” Gotta love stuff like that, which, if you’ve been a fan of Dean Wareham via Galaxie 500 and Luna, you certainly do. Luna exists in a land somewhere between Low and The Velvet Underground, without sounding like either. From the guitars as violins opener “Astronaut” or the moody “The Alibi,” this is a textbook of sound, quiet while oddly compelling, completely out of step with most contemporary music. Thank heavens for Luna; otherwise kids today would think that Matchbox 20 is a rock band.

Jetset Records:

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