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D. Henry Fenton

Autumn Sweet

Laughing Outlaw

Hailing originally from Australia, somehow ending up in North Carolina, former Holly Golightly leader D. Henry Fenton has fashioned an intriguing solo record, produced by producer whiz Mitch Easter and featuring former Mercury Dime ace Cliff Retallick on keyboards and Marti Wilson on vocals. The result is an album that sounds unified, but diverse. From the Finn brothers atmosphere of “Over n Over” or the moody “Lightning,” Fenton finds his pleasure in all aspects of pop music, and manages to convey complex lyrical ideas without sounding smug. True, he does remind you a lot of Marshall Crenshaw or Crowded House at moments, but never slavishly. On songs such as the grand “Slow Down Dixie” or unadorned “Jericho’s Horse” he’s simply his own man, and stakes a strong claim to newcomer of the year.

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