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Project 86

Truthless Heroes


Project 86 should be famous. These guys play the same kind of tough guy rock that’s being spewed forth by bands like Hoobastank, Linkin Park, and Godsmack; the only difference is that Project 86 aren’t getting nearly the amount of airplay as those bands. It may be though, that Project 86 are a few centimeters too tough on the “Safe Enough for Radio Play” meter. They’re so close on Truthless Heroes though, that one can’t help but root for them.

The album is incredibly heavy and pounding, with distorted and overdriven bass guitar, drums way out in front of everything (the way they should be), and guitars mixed perfectly with everything else. I don’t really care for the vocalists in Project 86, but they sing in the same way that bands like 311 and other half sing/half scream mainstream bands do; very melodic, yet kind of tough. There are songs on here that should be getting some airplay, the most obvious one being “Little Green Men” – that song kicks more butt than an entire day’s playlist of my local “extreme” radio station.

My theory is, if tough guy rock is going to be a big seller, then established and hard working bands like Project 86 should be the ones getting the recognition. Project 86 has been kicking buttocks for many years now, and they’re on a major label, so they deserve it! Their P.R. guy needs to get his stuff together, because Truthless Heroes is one ballsy record that should be shifting all kinds of unit.

Project 86:

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