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Spiritual Beggars

On Fire

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I honestly can’t think of any other contemporary band that pulls this thing off as convincingly as our boys Spiritual Beggars – this is unadulterated, unapologetic pre-metal hard rock performed with the sonic impact of today’s finest stoner bands. Sure, Spiritual Beggars reference Black Sabbath as much as any other rock band these days, but they add everyone from Deep Purple, Rainbow and Uriah Heep to Kyuss and Monster Magnet to their sound – plus some thumping trash influence, for good measure. Guitarist and main man Michael Amott were in Carcass and still plays with Arch Enemy, which goes some way to underline his musical proficiency, but it’s new vocalist JB that really steals the show – a breathtakingly powerful and energetic singer. From their sludgy stoner rawk to sing-along doom metal, Spiritual Beggars do it all with style and an entirely unique approach. The best – only! – classic-styled hard rock band right now, and definitely worth your attention.

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