Suburban Terror Project

Suburban Terror Project

Suburban Terror Project 7″

Entrophy Now!

Grrr, Growl, and other scary utterances! Yarrr! Suburban Terror Project plays some really crazy and psychotic metal/ math/ hardcore stuff, similar to Dillinger Escape Plan. The four songs on this seven-inch are all very tough, insane, manic, yet somehow fun!

The lead singer’s voice is totally tortured and sounds as if its bleeding in every song! Sweet! The guitars are ample, fierce, and very angular, and reminded me very much of Drive Like Jehu guitars. I can’t say that the bass guitar was audible at all… the drums, too, could use a better set of mics on them, as they sound like crap.

I’d never heard of these guys before, but man, I really like this seven-inch! It is really raw and poorly produced, but there’s something really undeniable about these guys. I hope one of the bigger metal labels like Relapse cathes on to these guys, as I would like to hear what they can do in a decent studio setting.

P.S.: The seven-inch comes with a really sweet sticker with a Molotov cocktail and a punching fist on it!

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