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Rod Webber

The You I Knew


The You I Knew is the fifth self-released CD from wild and crazy guy, Rod Webber: a wanna-be Bob Dylan, DIY maverick with a staggeringly ambitious work ethic. In the one-man-band mold of trail blazers like Trent Reznor, Prince and everybody’s new favorite golden-haired boy, Beck, Webber is a visionary who handles “all instruments, vocals and loops” on this sublimely eclectic disc, with the occasional guest artist contribution. With his off-beat, acoustic folk style being cohesive over the album’s dozen tracks, Rod’s songs of relationships and revenge bring the influence of many and varied artists into the mix. Take the lead track, “Blue Hour,” a pseudo slacker anthem highly reminiscent of Beck’s breakthrough hit, “Loser”; while “Crush My Skull” is “I am the Walrus” with a serious Residents vibe. Elsewhere, College Radio and underground favorites like Ween, They Might Be Giants and even The Fugs rear their messy little heads. The borderline retarded “Love to Kick You” and the super oddball “Cocaine & Hookers” (sample lyric: “I’ve got Bob Dylan’s looks/and Mariah’s brains/Where’s my happy tomorrow/Where’s my cocaine?”) are delivered with humorous verve, and Rod’s never so much of a smart ass that loses focus. A very entertaining album for those who like their pop slightly off the beaten path.

Rod Webber:

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