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The Thermals

The Thermals EP

Sub Pop

There’s lo-fi, and there’s lou-fi, as in “Louie Louie”, as in the sound of a single microphone hung from the garage door opener and old stereos cannibalized into bastard amps. As crappy as that may sound, sometimes it fits. It’s safe to look at the eclipse through the pinhole, for pretty much the same reasons. There are only four songs here, and the whole thing flashes by in less than eight minutes, but it’s a white-hot 459 seconds. Like early Buzzcocks or the Wedding Present, the Thermals’ approach is an avalanche of fuzz with an urgent, unpolished voice carelessly floating on top. Closing with the line “The Thermals don’t need drugs to have a good time, the Thermals need drugs just to stay alive,” this EP is one fiery shot across the bow and we better pay attention. The Thermals won’t take prisoners.

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