Smells Like Rock’n’Roll


In a world overflowing with crappy retro garage rawk acts, it’s a relief to discover something that retains the original spirit of the music without sounding derivative or unimaginatively trendy. On this self-released six-track EP, Cooterfinger proves itself to be just that. From the disturbed urban swamp-rock of “Anita is My Girlfriend,” to the Detroit cowpunk of “My Karma’s Gonna Find You,” Cooterfinger prove they are more than just another name in the long line of hipster rockers trying to ride the tails of the White Stripes.

“It’s Rock-n-Roll” is delivered with a streetwise snarl of Southern twang, and “Not Funny Anymore” offers up some filthy punk that nods to Chuck Berry’s “School Days.” The fact that Cooterfinger doesn’t have a record deal speaks volumes about major labels’ capricious signing priorities, and says absolutely nothing about the talent of Cooterfinger. Smells Like Rock’n’Roll is a powerful kick in the crotch of a fumbling music industry, and one of the year’s top garage rawk releases.

Illbilly Records:

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