Happy To Be Here

Bus Stop

Yellowed photographs and overlong, unedited 8mm home movies; sunny days drowsing on the back porch; and the first days of an early love. Andrew Sandoval’s Happy To Be Here paints pictures of days gone by: a nostalgic trip to the past, slightly sad but shimmering with sparkling pop craft. Happy To Be Here is a brief and lovely album of lush, orchestrated pop, reminiscent of Matthew Sweet and The Beach Boys, The Zombies and label mate Allen Clapp. Splitting his CD over an imaginary two vinyl sides, Andrew isn’t afraid to wear his generational influences on his sleeve, yet still manages to sound vital and young. Happy To Be Here isn’t revolutionary in doing what it does, but it’s a perfect soundtrack for the lazy summer season that lies ahead. A lovely tribute to days gone by.

The Bus Stop Label:

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