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U.S. Bombs

Covert Action (HellCat). Review by Troy Jewell.

U.S. Bombs

Covert Action


American punk diverges into many sub-categories. Southern California’s U.S. Bombs produce that bastard of punk some call anarchist. Really, it’s genuine ’77 English punk mixed with a little Americanized hardcore.

The U.S. Bombs’ latest, Covert Action, is part socio-political commentary and a whole lot of raise-your-fist punk. On “Framed,” the Bombs play fast and furious punk with a little conspiracy theory tossed in for good measure. Duane Peters sings: “Oklahoma City bombing, cover up / Timothy McVeigh Innocent.” Even if the politics don’t sit well with you, you can’t deny the songs’ infectious hook.

On “Shot Down,” I often catch myself singing along to its opening lines: “I got a pistol and I’m gonna use it / one shot two shot down / martial law is in my hand / one shot two shot down/two mutherfuckers are gonna die.” In true English-style punk, the U.S. Bombs mix it up with a meandering dub beat on “The Gow.” “John Gottie,” a song that wonders if the U.S. government may be better off run by the mob, and “American Made” are two other great songs on this album.

Simply put, Covert Action would be a great addition to your punk collection.

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