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Army of Ponch

Vs. The Curse


Army of Ponch, aside from having one of the coolest names in the history of music, is also one of the most spastic rock bands I’ve heard in quite some time. Their sound is similar to mid-90s spazzcore bands like Hoover, Universal Order of Armageddon and Heroin. Lucky for me, this is probably my favorite period of punk rock history, and I appreciate that so many bands on the No Idea label have taken this style and run with it, molding into the loud monster that it is on records like this Army of Ponch CD.

Essentially, this disc is 8.5 minutes of punishing, bass-driven rock, with mathematical drum convulsions, chaotic guitars and violent screams smeared on top. The beats are frantic, making head bobbing required, and the guitars have that really low end feel that Crownhate Ruin had to their guitars. Go to the Sabot/No Idea website, order this disc (it’s extremely cheap) and look for the Army of Ponch tour dates. These guys are insane live and they’ll knock you on your bum.

Sabot Productions: P.O. Box 28 Gainesville, FL 32602 • No Idea Records:

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