Mando Diao

Mando Diao

Bring ‘Em In


Swedish garage rockers Mando Diao debut with 12 tracks of confidently strutting late-1960s Brit-blues and vamp-y riffs. From the slutty Jagger-pout of opener “Sheepdog” via the delightful Animals-swagger of “To China With Love” and on to the crushing “Lady,” this five-piece pulls out all the tricks all the while avoiding coming across like mere copycats. Mando Diao’s strength rests partly in their unwillingness to conform to current garage rock fashion, aiming for proud self-effacement rather than boisterous poseur-rawk. Not that there’s anything modest about them — they’re bashful and snotty, and they have these 12 tracks to show for it. Good stuff.

Mute Records:

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