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Girls Are Short

Early North American


Xylophones, trippy dance beats, jazzy strummed guitars and an ecstatic feeling of joy dominate Earlynorthamerican. The overall feel is incredibly positive and happy – elements that are commonly missing from today’s techno pop.

While I’m reviewing this CD in November, I wish it was June – an 80 degree, sunny day, with me sprawled out on a lawn chair at the pool. This album would make the perfect soundtrack for such a setting. The synthesizers are mystical, but the notes are played rapidly, creating a peppy and upbeat series of melodic lines. The vocals are sparse and the album is primarily instrumental, but the few moments of vocal accompaniment are quite enjoyable, thanks to a female vocalist sans any sort of indie hipster pretension one might expect to find from this type of release. Imagine equal parts The Rentals, early 1990s techno, The Cardigans and a slew of Moog synthesizers. Voila: Earlynorthamerican.

Girls Are Short: • Upperclass Records:

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