• Mixtape 132: Holiday

    Mixtape 132: Holiday

    The Just Joans keep it in the family, and they keep it fairly civil, covering their lethally caustic Scottish wit in a layer of pleasant pop.

  • Mixtape 124: Forgotten Astronaut

    Mixtape 124: Forgotten Astronaut

    Matt Sharp and The Rentals have always attracted a stellar cast of musicians to help them assemble their popsong symphonies.

  • The Fantastic Plastics

    The Fantastic Plastics

    Malfunction. Review by Christopher Long.

  • The Rentiers

    The Rentiers

    Here is a List of Things That Exist EP / Black Metal Yoga 7″ (Square of Opposition Records/Death to False Hope Records). Review by Jen Cray.

  • Weezer


    Weezer brings the Memories Show to Orlando for a pair of full album performances that sell out with fans looking to take a time machine back to the early ’90s. Jen Cray caught the 1992 train and heard the Blue Album from start to finish.

  • Walking Sleep

    Walking Sleep

    Measures. Review by Jeff Schweers.

  • Todd Rundgren

    Todd Rundgren

    Todd Rundgren’s “Arena” tour passes through Orlando. The small show is so cozy, our own Carl F Gauze feels like he’s visiting a long lost friend.

  • Neil Hamburger

    Neil Hamburger

    S D Green peels back the tuxedo and gets an earful — about celebrities living in cardboard boxes, Carrot Top pooing into a trunk, and even a little bit about Hamburger‘s new album, Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners.

  • The Rentals

    The Rentals

    They haven’t put out an album of new music in 8 years, and you probably haven’t thought of them in as long, but The Rentals are back with not just a new album but with a tour to back it up. Jen Cray caught the show in Orlando.

  • Kitty Kat Dirt Nap

    Kitty Kat Dirt Nap

    I am a Robot. I am Talking Like a Robot. I am a Robot. (Wonkavision). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Metric

    synth pop,pop,indie,new wave,dark wave,scene,Canada,Metric ,Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?,Everloving,Aaron Shaul

  • Metric


    Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (Everloving). Review by Aaron Shaul.

  • Goner

    How Good We Had It (BiFocal Media). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • Tiara

    The Summer of the Lion, The Summer of the Lamb (We Want Action). Review by Aaron Shaul.

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