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Seksu Roba

Pleasure Vibrations

eenie meenie

Swirling around like a used satellite at a party, Seksu Roba is electronica dance-pop of impressive skill with Sukho Lee behind the recording console and Lun*na Menoh center stage on the mike. Tracks like “Afternoon Rendez Vous” and “Fantasy” use Mini-Moog and other technology to get us to look to the stars while the groove gets us off–so to speak–to a much better start.

To say that “Telephone” is Kraftwerk-inspired isn’t saying anything new, there’s almost no electronic music of the past 20 years, at least, that isn’t. But “Heavenly Bodies” sounds like Hall & Oates minus the graceful melodies, plus industrial beats with an element of hip-hop by way of Information Society and glowing synths by Human League.

If that’s the sort of comparison that gets your mind crackling – I know it would mine – Pleasure Vibrations is designed for you. And I didn’t even mention the Theremin.

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