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The Intelligence

Boredom and Terror


A-Frames’ drummer Lars Finberg branches out on his own with this album of absurd and delightful lo-fi post-punk. It doesn’t stray all that far from the loudmouthed, Wire-influenced A-Frames, but Finberg leans more heavily on brash and confrontational punk angularity, cramming 13 songs into 26 minutes, stacking them with equal amounts of repetitive dance-punk, No Wave aggression and pure sonic bliss. The multi-talented Finberg plays every instrument himself, creating a layered and dense backing for his manic vocals.

Boredom and Terror lives up to its title; this being the sound of ramshackle confusion performed with anguish and seeming necessity, Finberg casting himself as some last post-punk standing, with much to say and too little time to say it. Not everything on here is equally interesting, though. Some of the songs sound like accidental filler-material. Some strict editing could’ve nailed this down to an amazing 8-track EP. Still, Finberg never dwells on his ideas for too long, and the album does retain a sense of passion and intrigue throughout – evidence that the final word in post-punk has yet to be spoken.


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