The Paper Champions

The Paper Champions

Words and Inaction EP

Pretty cool little disc here. The Paper Champions play mid-tempo emo-core, in a style similar to early Appleseed Cast crossed with bits and pieces of Sunny Day Real Estate. I hear a lot of late 1990s emo influence in their songcraft; this album sounds a lot like Braid in spots.

The vocalist elongates the last syllable of each line, a move popularized by the likes of Mineral. His vocals are solid, and they totally fit this music. The guitars absolutely rule, as they have a very Jawbox-ish grittiness to them. They’re straight forward and powerful one minute, angular and swaying the next. The drums are pristinely recorded, and this guy hits with authority; they punch throughout, and end up being the stars of this show.

This EP is only three songs long, so I was a little disappointed when it ended. These guys are freaking good, and I eagerly anticipate a full length in the same way that I used to look forward to new releases from Polyvinyl and Doghouse (when their bands were more angular, and actually good). This one’s totally worth the money.

Oh, by the way: the artwork for this EP is awesome, too. Brown hardstock board, with black and white silkscreens of what appear to be human hearts (ewww). It’s really gorgeous.

The Paper Champions:

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