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You Am I



Sydney, Australia’s You Am I’s sixth release, Deliverance, is the hereditary brilliance of Big Star and The Replacements. It is a versatile, harmonic album, equal parts Southern rock, country-western ballad and power pop.

“Words to Sadness Now” attempts what many great rock songs fail to do: articulate what we can’t find in normal, everyday speech; imparting wisdom and emotions that are otherwise unnatural without a melody and driving guitar.

“‘Till The Clouds Roll Away” delivers the panache for harmonic country tunes in lieu of Merle Haggard or even Johnny Cash, while “Ribbons and Bows” has a subtle pop energy. You Am I showcase their songwriting craft on “Deliverance,” a bar band blues tune equal to early Rolling Stones. Great hook. Fantastic licks. Period.

“City Lights” mixes the ethereal qualities of trip-hop with the tone of country. It’s a good song, but I can’t explain exactly why – which in turn is the best kind of song, the one that affects you but you’re not certain as to why or how until many listens later.

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