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Tyondai Braxton / Parts & Labor

Rise, Rise, Rise


This release is a split between Tyondai Braxton and the three piece electronic machine known as Parts & Labor. The result is a bizarre, yet somewhat fascinating look into how truly weird “music” can be.

The Parts and Labor sounds on this split have two common threads: driving drums and distorted bass guitar. The rest of the instrumentation ranges from electronic synthesizer noises to bag-pipes, banjos (I think), guitars (both acoustic and electric) and an overall penchant for chaos. Some of the songs are flat out rockers, like the devastating “Voltage,” a song churned by an immensely overdriven bass guitar and bass heavy drumming.

The sections credited to Tyondai Braxton are kind of boring, and feature piano, slowed down guitars, spooky vocals and dark atmospheric effects. The twelve-minute long “Disintegrating Reels” showcases the same guitar chord throughout, while all manner of shouts, talking, tribal drumming, flute and other strangeness dance in and out of focus. I can’t get into his stuff, but I am sure the arty types in Williamsburg (both artists are from Brooklyn) call him a genius.

This is a pretty fun and unique listen, but it’s not my cup of tea, and is, for the most part, instantly forgettable.

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