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Detachment Kit

Of This Blood

French Kiss

Detachment Kit is one of the most unique bands in the “underground” these days. They combine the angular guitars of Fugazi, the punch heavy drums of Jawbox, a vocal style akin to a cross between Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Cinjin of Remy Zero and the feel of an agitated monster.

Of This Blood’s slower songs, such as “ricochet,” showcase the strong musicianship of the band members: a quiet, almost Rodan or Slint-esque guitar line noodles atop a bed of softly brushed drums, as the vocalist melodically croons above it all. This song is melancholy and gorgeous, begging repeated listens. The majority of the songs have a similar longing quality to them, but some are delivered in a flat and somewhat silly manner (see the weird “Pill Cake”).

Fans of Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, International Noise Conspiracy, or other similar spazzy bands will appreciate Of This Blood. This band has more than one side, as they deftly manage to put forth a wide array of songs and styles. The fact that this album is all over the place might bother some. However, I wasn’t bothered in the least. I am rather smitten with this album, but I have a hard time articulating exactly why.

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