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Paris Texas

Paris Texas

Like You Like An Arsonist

New Line

Paris Texas is a power rock band who will probably be pegged as “emo,” even though they play music with much more passion than the typical emo-pop band. In fact, Like You Like an Arsonist sounds a lot more like Foo Fighters than Taking Back Sunday or other current emo stalwarts.

This record is fun. It rocks with the energy and giddiness of a schoolyard full of kindergarteners during recess. The guitars are scathing, scratchy and somewhat dirty-sounding, almost like what you might expect to hear from a garage band. The drums are pretty straightforward and hard hitting, while the bass is mostly impossible to hear. The vocalist has a voice similar to a British Dave Grohl; he can yell, he can scream, and he can actually sing! How refreshing!

I guess the best testament to this album is the fact that no one song really sticks out from the rest. They are all equally solid, hooky and catchy pop numbers. There are no obvious filler songs – these guys write really great melodies. Obvious cues to post-punk bands such as The Buzzcocks are thrown in here and there, but not in a rip-off sort of way. With Like You Like an Arsonist, fans of hook-based post-punk can’t go wrong!

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