Truth to Power

Ha! This makes it all worthwhile…!

Its a thankless, moneyless life, being a writer for Ink 19. Hell, being a writer for anyone is generally thankless and less profitable than Arbys. But, once in a long while, you get feedback from a reader, and it makes it all worthwhile. Here’s the review in question. It’s short, so I can quote it fully:

Nik Kershaw

15 Minutes


15 Minutes? You had yours. Now go away, and drag the rest of your one hit wonder ‘80’s buddies with you.</b>

Which got the following response:

It’s always a shame to come to a website and find a throw away, seemingly

unsubstantiated comment like this: (quotes review)…

Without any reference to, description or mention of the music, Nik Kershaw’s

seminal album is simply brushed off. Fine, if you have intelligent comment

to make. This review has simply persuaded me to avoid ink19 at all costs.

A website that could, to coin your phrase, go away.</i>

Whew. Strong words. I can tell this took time to craft.

Particuarly since I wrote the review SIX YEARS AGO!

Sheesh, get a life. Because, if you are searching the web for Nik Kershaw information, and feel motivated enough to pen a response to a six year old review, I have a hunch you have a lot of free time.

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