Child Pornography

Child Pornography

Child Pornography

The Beatles

Deathbomb Arc Records

These guys must be serious, because no one would make a parody record that sounds this bad. Even their press release reads like it was written by a random word generator. The name brings terror into using Google at work. They must be…ARTISTS! So, what do they sound like? Well, Child Pornography always has a drum machine in the background, with the knob set on monotonous. Their vocals, whiney in a bad way, are clear and precise and completely devoid of meaning. While certain musicians of the early 20th century eschewed the octave for the 12 tone scale, CP evades both of these musical scales, apparently selecting the frequency of each note at random. It’s not that they occasionally sound a bit flat, they seek flatness the way some people seek inner enlightenment. Will your mother hate this record? Heck, I hate it, and I love weird sounding bands. Child Pornography makes me wish I had never sold my copy of Metal Machine Music.

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