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North Lincoln

North Lincoln

Truth is a Menace

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North Lincoln is the kind of band that makes me glad to be an American. Actually, it makes me glad to be an American who doesn’t accept the watered down garbage on mainstream radio that is given the moniker “rock.”

Hailing from Michigan, North Lincoln pays homage to Glassjaw, Jawbreaker and pre-_A Flight…_ Hot Water Music. Basically, every one of the 12 songs on Truth is a Menace is a fast-paced, guitar-driven anthem of sorts. Much like Jawbreaker, every chord these guys touch turns to gold. “Who’s Counting Anyway?” is so clearly influenced by Jawbreaker, both in song structure and delivery, that I checked to make sure that I wasn’t actually listening to Bivouac.

The recording quality of Truth is a Menace is perfect for this kind of music: gritty, but not crappy; raw, but not amateurish. The production style sounds a lot like that of Hot Water Music’s Forever and Counting. Speaking of the bearded ones, N.L.’s track “Four Walls Don’t Make a Home” is classic Hot Water Music; give it a listen, and you’ll be bobbing your head like it was 1997 all over again! This album is that fantastic, without a doubt. If you like your melodic hardcore gritty and rough, with absolutely no hint of eyeliner or women’s jeans, then this one’s for you.

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