Truth to Power

New Orleans

Of course the only story anyone is watching is the situation facing New Orleans with Katrina bearing down, and starting to come inland as I type this.

I’ve been to NO twice in my life, first as a member of our high school jazz band in 9th grade. We were booked into the Royal Orleans (yeah, the one in the Zep song), but changed our plans once we arrived and saw the crime scene tape and the stabbing victim on the front steps. We ended up at the Montleone, a wonderful place where I drank my first hurricane, bought weed from a maid and was asked “You boys need some womens, don’t you?” by a bellhop in the elevator. Great times. Second time was for a Stones show in 1981. Don’t remember much of that…

Like everyone, I’m hoping that this beautiful, eclectic city somehow misses great destruction, but it doesn’t look good. For live webcams, go here. I hope everyone got out, as one of my favorite writers, Poppy Z. Brite did.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed. This has already started to effect gas prices, and having this city shut down for six months or so will not play well with our economy.

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