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Never Say Never

The ’80s revival has been focusing much on the U.K. post-punk underground, but it’s just a matter of time before Britain’s once-booming club scene is the subject of nostalgia. Nadeea certainly conjures up acid-washed flashbacks of European raves. Actually, dance music such as this probably never went out of style in Germany, and it’s certainly a breath of fresh air compared to all the guitar-obsessed artists these days.

Probably not weird enough – or too happy – for the synth-pop crowd, even though Nadeea’s songs are completely driven by keyboards. Synthesizers thump and pulsate around Nadeea’s icy European vocals; however, her tunes are more accessible than techno. In fact, for all the repetitive computerized hooks, they essentially follow traditional song structure – even though you may not comprehend what she’s singing. “Song About the Polar Bears” is certainly infectious, with its bouncy “la-la-la” chorus, and the title track actually displays some vocal range, which is rare for this genre.

There is a sense of innocence to these songs that is truly attractive. Moreover, it’s good to hear dance songs that are not inspired by hip-hop or feature contemporary R&B beats. This is definitely not a record you’d hear from an American artist, especially in 2005.


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