The Ruse

The Ruse

The Ruse

Light In Motion


The Ruse’s sophomore album suggests the LA quartet have been listening to U2 obsessively since releasing their debut, Invasion, in 2005. Vocalist Jon Dauer, at times, sounds eerily like Bono, and the band has honed a sound that relies heavily on epic, resounding guitar licks of which The Edge would be proud. That said, the band’s songwriting manages to draw attention away from The Ruse’s obvious influences to leave an indelible melodic mark.

“All I’ve Done” and “Swallow You” are the two songs on which the U2 influence is most pronounced, with both tunes possessing rousing, sweeping choruses and a bold lyrical vision. The acoustic “Devil In The Girl” deviates from that path, but there’s still a hypnotic quality to Jim Bilus’s impressive guitar work that remains present throughout.

Things start to sound slightly derivative by the time “Don’t Let It Fade Away” reaches its climax, but there’s no doubt that Light In Motion showcases the talent of a band that deserve the accolade of being the indie U2.

The Ruse:

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