Slave to the Machine

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As far as the various members of Lynam are concerned, the ’80s never went away. With its outrageous guitar solos, stomping riffs and killer melodies, Slave to the Machine is a heady cocktail of AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses that helps the band make the effortless transition from indie hopefuls to big-time contenders.

Opener “It’s All In Your Head” is a proud statement of Lynam’s trademark sound; thick melodies, thicker guitars and the kind of glorious guitar solos not heard since Appetite For Destruction. And from such a blistering start, Slave To The Machine hardly slackens in either tempo or intensity: “Better,” “Tanis” and “What Is This” are turned all the way up to 11. Only “Losing Venus” slows things down long enough to allow you to catch your breath.

“Where are you “‘Mr Brownstone’?” asks frontman Jacob Lynam in the frenetic ’80s homage “Giving Up On Rock On Roll.” But on the evidence of Slave To The Machine, old-fashioned rock is alive and well in the hands of Lynam.


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