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Lower Class Brats

Lower Class Brats

The New Seditionaries


Lower Class Brats are so confident with their spin-off of post-Pistols British punk (Sham 69, The Business) that they’ve even given their sound its own sub-genre, “clockwork punk” (as in A Clockwork Orange). Dirty, rude, working class, oi; that’s their makeup.

The New Seditionaries borrows its name from Sex Pistol mogul, Malcolm McLaren, and Vivienne Westwood’s famous boutique, Seditionaries, that served as a meeting place for pretty much everyone who became anyone in that first big wave of London punk. They also borrow the safety-pin motif of the same era and fashioned a band logo that adapts the skull-and-crossbones to be a droog skull with safety-pin bones.

All of this imitation begs the question: is anything about Lower Class Brats original? Certainly not this album. It’s a disc made for fans of The Casualties, The Unseen, Dropkick Murphys and The Briggs. If any of those names stir a little excitement in your belly, then you’ll love this band. Put on your Docs and your derby hats and pretend its 1979.

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