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The American Tass- Fox News

These guys have an excellent point- one that anyone with a high school education and a smattering of critical thinking skills can make:

Fox News is not a legitimate news organization. And should not be treated as such.

After spending a week being force-fed the daily propaganda spew that is Faux Jazerra, one becomes alarmed that such crap is being drilled into people’s heads as “news” or “facts”, such as the absurdist slandering of Obama  that the reich wing has attempted to run up the war party uber alles flagpole- but thankfully smacked down by CNN. We dwell in dangerous times when large amounts of our neighbors knowingly, willfully seek out lies and government propaganda- knowing that it is bullshit, every moment- in order to continue to reside in their little fantasy world, a world where King George is a “good man”, where we’re winning in Iraq, Murtha is a traitor, where its your business if Bruce and Steve want to marry, and America is a force for good in the world, if everyone would just shut up and do what we say.

 And people wonder why LH and I want to move to a desert.

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