Best Of (Chapter One 1997 – 2004)


In the battle between Sevendust and TVT Records, Best Of (Chapter One 1997 – 2004) shows that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Sevendust departed TVT’s roster last year to release their new album Next on the Winedark label, but in a brilliant tactical (and blatantly commercially-motivated) move, TVT issued this best-of collection just in time for the key Christmas sales period, pushing Sevendust’s ‘latest’ release to the back of the shelves and disrupting the band’s new label’s sales in the process.

Sevendust rose to prominence on TVT, selling over two million records, and the ferocious riffs and equally powerful melodies that defined their nu-metal sound are evident throughout, especially on the brilliant “Enemy.” Of course, the band’s hardcore fans wouldn’t touch this collection unless it tempted them with unreleased material, and they are catered to with an admittedly terrible cover of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out,” a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues” and two b-sides from a UK single.

Best Of (Chapter One 1997 – 2004 shows that perhaps Sevendust’s best days are behind them, but that hasn’t prevented TVT milking every last drop from this particular cash cow.

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