Truth to Power

Tell ‘em Joe

Pity the poor American left, (who would be considered right wing moderates in most of the world, but in America being against any war makes you a leftist.) Any time American leftists start pointing at the root causes of our national disease, they are neatly handed a fresh bloody war to oppose. Each new generation of the left gets its energies sapped, gets locked into the position of continually opposing one war, then another and another. Ever since World War I (when they came up with the novel idea of world peace, a notion now considered completely goofball in America today) they’ve been standing on the street corners or in the parks—or more recently, inside the Free Speech Zones way the hell out at the edge of town. At any rate, they can never come close to naming the dark and profitable tumor at the heart of America, the economic system under which we all live. To survive and grow, the American system needs war, making war inevitable. To keep up the pretense of freedom it needs harmless dissent.

Ah yes. The mighty Joe Bageant.

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