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GOP= Cowards

Amazingly enough, the dreaded liburul MSM has actually, finally, taken note of homophobe/racist/theocratic nutcase Ann Coulter:

Controversial columnist draws fire for gay slur

I guess getting paid to call someone a faggot is deemed newsworthy enough to actually take note of. Read the article, and watch as the scared mommas boys of the GOP such as that flip-flopping whackadoo Romney denouce her comments- but not before having their picture taken with her, or hiring her in the first place. The GOP are nothing but cowards, too afraid to actually serve in a war (any war, right Cheney? Hannity? Boortz?), and too afraid to actually go on record as gaybashing homophobes, instead hiring the serpent Coulter to spray their hate venom for them, and then after yucking it up with her, and getting their vanity press book of hers signed, when pressed they offer tepid denoucements of her behavior.

Now, not all in the GOP are too tightly bound in their Kmart thongs to actually speak out- right on queue we have Newt the nutjob, deciding that the citizens of New Orleans are, well, just too f’n stupid to be allowed to live:

and the failure of citizenship in the Ninth Ward, where 22,000 people were so uneducated and so unprepared, they literally couldn’t get out of the way of a hurricane.

The GOP is so far removed from the viewpoints of real American citizens, that they can only cater to the fringe elements of society, using the most basic, easy for the bubbas in their pickup trucks (or Lexus SUVs) to understand and grunt back at:

Gays are evil.

Minorities are stupid.

Anything that makes money is fine.

A plastic magnet on a soccer moms car is supporting the troops, but noting the conditions at Walter Reed, well, that “looks bad for the administration”, hence you hate America.

Might equals right.

Recently the Huffington Post came under fire because of comments decrying the failure of Taliban bombers to kill Dick Cheney. Never mind that the comments were deleted by site admins as soon as they were found. Forget that cherry picking random, unsolicted internet postings and using that as a brush to tar an entire group of people (uh, you know, that majority of the United States who wants the war over) as evil is insulting and uncreditable to anyone with a forebrain. Overlook the hypocrisy of all the faux outrage blather they spew while paying Ann Coulter to vomit hate speech to the huddled masses of shiny white people, yearning to kill little brown people for not being sufficently “grateful” we invaded their country, killed their children, and stole anything not nailed down.

Cowards. Mentally challenged, emotionally stunted, morally adrift, pants wetting “somebody save me” cowards.

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