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Pronounced “Us in Music,” Damiera’s debut full-length is a hot-or-cold release. So much so that the first time I tossed it on, I immediately ejected the disc and tossed it aside. Upon a second listen, on another day and through headphones, it began to seep inside my head and make me feel woozy. With a floaty feeling, and the playful bass and guitar attacks battling it out inside my head, I gave it a fair shot.

Progressive rock is back, only this time around it’s fairly underground. At The Drive In, The Mars Volta, Coheed & Cambria — these bands made it fashionable again to be over-the-top in song structures and overlapping musical styles, as well as to have male frontmen who have high-pitched voices that can grate on the nerves. Buffalo’s Damiera have produced a fairly epic work that takes what label mates Circa Survive and The Fall of Troy have begun — in blending prog with emo — and run with it in a heavier direction.

This is not going to be an album I will listen to over and over again, I’ll admit that right now, but I wouldn’t bitch and moan if I heard it being played. And more importantly, it has sparked my interest enough to want to see them perform songs like the title track and “Obsessions” live. If you can accept the falsetto wail of vocalist Dave Raymond then this may just become a favorite for you when you’re feeling a little proggy and Yes just won’t cut it.

Damiera: www.damiera.com

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