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You hear all the time about people who never gave up and always tried their best and blah blah blah… It’s refreshing to hear someone say “there’s no shame in giving up and walking away” as the strangely-named trio Two Cow Garage does on their song “No Shame.” The straight pop song is just a sample of the variety that this band plays on their aptly titled third album Three.

“No Shame” shows guitarist and main vocalist Micah Schnabel dealing with playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band and questioning whether he even wanted to continue to play or not. “There’s a guitar, that’s leaning on my wall/ the instrument of my ultimate downfall/ And notebooks scattered all over my floor/ Six hundred pages all filled with regrets/ And hundreds of songs that ain’t finished yet/ And a job application getting harder to ignore.”

Not everything on the album is doom and gloom however. The driving rocker “Come Back to Shelby” opens the album with the energy of an atomic bomb, while “The Great Gravitron Massacre” forces you to chant the “na na na” chorus and put the song on repeat. It’s as catchy as “Hey Jude.”

Two Cow Garage do everything from pop to alternative rock to punk (the Bad Religion-esque “Gape & Shudder”) to classic rock and they do it all flawlessly. Three is a great album for anybody who likes any type of rock. There will be something on this album that you will instantly love. And before you know it the rest of the album will grow on you and become a staple on your Ipod.

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