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A Perfect Murder

War Of Aggression (Victory). Review by Jen Cray.

A Perfect Murder

War Of Aggression


I have no past albums to compare A Perfect Murder’s War of Aggression to, and maybe that’s a good thing. Of the 10 songs I’ve been served, I can hear at least three different band personalities. There’s the Pantera thrashers (“War of Aggression”), the radio-friendly third wave grunge (“Label Me”), and the acoustically-driven Pearl Jam/Alice In Chains element (“Fortunate Son”).

The band tends to hit its stride when the drums are on overdrive and the guitars are in cock rock mode. Thrash the shit out of me and I’ll be a happy listener… slow it down and sing like Scott Weiland doing his best Layne Staley immitation and, while I appreciate the versatility, I’m yawning. It’s a good thing that these schizophrenic Canadians end the album hitting hard, with “Legion of Doom.”

They’re from way up north, yet the album cover is a big confederate flag. Good luck making sense of that one.

A Perfect Murder:

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