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Heavy Trash

Heavy Trash

Going Way Out With Heavy Trash

Yep Roc

It takes a certain special kind of someone to tap into the sexy, sultry origins of the blues in the 21st Century. Few can do so with as much authenticity and sincerity as Jon Spencer. A NYC cat who found the magic potion by brewing the best parts of Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, Lux Interior, Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly into a dirty, grimy glass of trash punk. He’s been experimenting with this concoction for over 15 years (beginning with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, on into Boss Hog, and Pussy Galore), but in his current incarnation, Heavy Trash, he seems to have found his true voice.

Teaming up with Madder Rose bassist Matt Verta-Ray, Heavy Trash sounds like an old Sun Records release that’s been dragged through the ’60s and ’70s. Rockabilly blues rock that touches on country (“Kissy Baby”) and punk rock (“I Want Oblivion”) in between beautiful bursts of greaser garage rock that would make Jack White nod his head.

“Outside Chance” is the song the Rolling Stones wish they could have written; “They Were Kings” is straight up Mick Collins Detroit garage goodness; “Crying Tramp” is the heartbreak, soul ballad that could sit nicely in a Tarantino flick; closing out the disc is “You Can’t Win,” a political social commentary done in an eerie, spoken word baritone.

Remember Betty Lou/ Remember Peggy Sue/ Now it’s look out for the cops, and watch out for the screw!/ So lost in a dream…

– from “You Can’t Win.”

Song by song, Going Way Out With Heavy Trash is one of the dirtiest rock fuck albums I’ve heard in years. I could eat this album with a fork!

Heavy Trash:

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