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Static Radio New Jersey

Static Radio New Jersey

One For the Good Guys

Black Numbers

New Jersey snuck its way into the hardcore and punk rock canon very quietly. While the rest of the world has always watched their neighbors over the bridge, bands like The Misfits, Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls were bashing their angry ways into the history of the genre. These days if you mention NJ to a young music fan, chances are they’ll throw back any number of post-hardcore and/or emo band names like Thursday, Saves the Day or My Chemical Romance at ya. Jersey has become synonymous with this new wave of mall punk, but thankfully bands like Static Radio NJ still exist to give some much needed legitimacy to the state that isn’t quite NY.

At just over 7 minutes in length (with 7 songs packed in there!), this foursome have the colors of Lifetime all over themselves, but with enough chutzpah to erase any claims for outright imitation. One For the Good Guys was originally put out as a 7”, but in this digital age a CD version was a necessity.

“Last Call,” “All the Same” and “Can’t Keep Us Down” are all worth your immediate attention… but at 7 minutes, you should really just commit to the whole damn thing!

Static Radio New Jersey:

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