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Stones Shine A Light rocks


Pardon my sleepy eyes, but we were up late last night catching a sneak showing of the Martin Scorsese/Rolling Stones film “Shine A Light” and while a fuller review is to follow, some quick highlights:

Keith, sans guitar, delivering a moving “You Got The Silver” all the while looking like a demented porn store clerk

With former President Clinton and ain’t no way in hell you’ll ever be President Hillary in attendance, Buddy Guy and the lads driving home a raucous take on Muddy’s “Champagne and Reefer”

And what was the shocker for these ears, Mick and Christina Aguilera absolutely tearing up “Live With Me”. Hell, like most of us, I thought she was all boobs and backside, but that chick can sing, and sells it like Tina Turner, 2008 model.


A good time was had by all, once the flick finally started, delayed a half hour for some inane “hey, haven’t you guys moved out of your parents basement yet?” Guitar Hero tournament. Definitely check it out big screen, because like Marty’s previous rock flick “The Last Waltz”, this is expertly shot, and is loud as hell. And when its done, you’ll wonder exactly how in the hell those old men do it.

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