Click! You’re a nanny state.

Click! You’re a nanny state.

Is Your Cell-Phone a Predator?

In another fine example of Republicans having completely lost their way back to the party of smaller government and less regulation, New York Republican Congressmen Peter King tells us that we need the federal government to protect us and our children from the evil cellular telephones. He has proposed an act called (no kidding) the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act.

This resolution, if passed into law, will require all cellular telephones to make some sort of noise when a picture is snapped. As supporting argument for this act the reader is told that other countries (Japan) already have similar laws, and that it is for the protection of children in locker-rooms.

A law such as this, although well intentioned (hopefully), would be overcome by any tech-savvy criminal in about 4 seconds. Let all readers give Congressman King his kudos for tackling this vital issue at a time when America’s economic stability and strategic defense are in the balance. A friendly word of advice to Mr. King from a lowly layman; less regulation and more Liberty will return America to her former prosperity. After all, is not Live, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness our goal?

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